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Be the Constant
in a Foster
Child's Life

Share your passion for helping by becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). CASAs are one of the most consistent people in foster children’s lives. They provide stability and normalcy in the ever-changing foster care system.

Find out how to make a powerful impact. RSVP to our Volunteer Info Session where you’ll learn more about this rewarding opportunity and the process required to become a CASA.

What is a CASA?

A CASA is a Court Appointed Special Advocate, someone who stands up for the children who otherwise are unable to voice their needs themselves. Imagine the experience of children who are removed from their home, their family, their siblings, and everything they know and care about. They find themselves in a world filled with social workers, lawyers, judges and courtrooms where life-altering decisions are made on their behalf.

CASA of Tulare County recruits, trains and supports community volunteers who advocate on behalf of abused and neglected children in our community. CASA volunteers build relationships with the children they advocate for, by meeting regularly with them. As they get to know their CASA children, they make observations, and write reports directly to the judge with recommendations for what’s in the child’s best interests.

CASA volunteers come from every walk of life and share a commitment to improving children’s lives, a willingness to learn and an open mind towards life experiences different from their own. No special education, experience or background is needed. Each volunteer's life experiences bring something unique to enrich a child's life. 


We get cases moving through the child welfare system and advocate strongly to help ensure each child is in a secure, safe home. They get to know the child while also gathering information from the child’s family, teachers, doctors, therapists, caregivers, and anyone else involved in the child’s life in order to make independent and informed recommendations to help the judge decide what’s best for the child.


In Tulare County, CASA volunteers serve as a sworn advocate of the court, entitled to access information about the child's situation and required to make reports to the court in the child's best interest. Our program succeeds with help from dedicated staff, caring volunteers and generous donors like you.

A few hours of your time each week can make a world of difference to one of these children.

CASA volunteers are ordinary people who do extraordinary things for Tulare County's most vulnerable children. Be One!

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