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At CASA, Our Team of Volunteers are Essential to Our Success.

Interested in Volunteering? There are Many Ways to Help That Fit a Variety of Availabilities.

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Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in the lives of others. It allows you to use your skills, knowledge and passion to help those in need. It allows you to gain hands-on experience, meet new people, and feel connected to a cause. There are various opportunities throughout the year to volunteer your time. Become a community volunteer and join our team for local events. Call 559-625-4007,  email, or fill out the form below to get started.

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YOU can support CASA of Tulare County without going through the process...


We know that not everyone has the emotional strength, time, or energy to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate. Advocating for children in circumstances that have brought them to foster care requires a lot, and not everyone is a good fit. That doesn't, however, mean that not all of us can support and advocate for CASA as a whole. As a non-profit organization we face a great deal of obstacles and limitations when it comes to funding projects and raising awareness/spreading the word. 

As a staff, we've recognized that even though we serve the entirety of Tulare County, not everyone is aware of the issues happening right before us. Not everyone knows what CASA does or stands for, even if many have heard the name "CASA of Tulare County." 

We are focused on spreading awareness of child abuse and neglect, foster children, and the solutions and resources available to assist one of the most vulnerable populations among us. The children we serve are unable to speak for themselves because they are either too young to understand, are emotionally incapable, or lack the knowledge to fight for themselves. 

YOU can be an advocate for CASA of Tulare County, without going through the process of becoming a Court-Appointed Special Advocate. Below are some ways you can help, but with the right amount of creativity, you can support our efforts in your own way. All it takes is a heart for these children and a phone call or email to connect with someone in the office.

Ways To Volunteer and or Give to CASA of Tulare County



CASA volunteer advocates work directly with abused and neglected children and the people in their lives: foster parents, social workers, attorneys, teachers, medical providers and others. In addition to training and supporting advocate volunteers, most CASA programs benefit from the invaluable contributions of non-advocate volunteers.

There are a number of ways you can contribute your time and talents to CASA of Tulare County, including those listed below. Please contact us to inquire about our needs for volunteer support.

Ways that you may be able to support your CASA of Tulare County:


Do you have a great camera and a love for creating high-quality videos that may help to promote the advocacy of foster children? Contact our Marketing Coordinator for more information on how to be involved!

Gifts & Raffle Prizes for Events

Our events often have raffle items up for grabs that are donated by our generous donors and sponsors. But we're also asked, quite often, to supply other events with gift baskets or other gifts to be donated to the various other non-profits we support. Plus, every Spring, we have a huge Auction Gala to support our financial needs. If you own a business or simply want to donate a gift/raffle item, this is a great way to show your support for CASA!

Baby/Toddler Items for 0-5 Dept

If you own a business or simply have a desire to help our 0-5 children in foster care with the things they need, you can do so here! We have a few awesome organizations who assist with this like the Blanket Ladies, District Attorney's Office, or First 5 Tulare County. Any and all ideas and thoughts are welcome here!

Photography for Events & Staff

Are you a photographer with a great eye for capturing awesome moments? Consider donating your gift to be our photographer during some of our events or help us capture new images that reflect what CASA does and what we stand for. 

Decorators & Designers for Events & more

Our events often need to decorate for a low cost. If you're one of those people who can make a dollar look like a million, we could use your help! If just for our events or to help keep our office looking up-to-date, if you have this on your heart to give, let us know!

Connecting Your Circle of Influence

Perhaps you're a business person with a big circle of influencers, business owners, etc. Consider hosting a mixer event and invite your circle of people to attend and let one of our staff come to present what CASA of Tulare County does for our community. These kinds of small events can bring in additional volunteers or finances to CASA and can make a huge difference!

Catering & Food Donations for events

Do you run a catering business or restaurant and want to use your gifts to somehow support CASA of Tulare County? We often have small events and mixers throughout Tulare County and offer refreshments to attendees whether it is a fundraiser or an outreach for additional volunteers. You can use your gift and/or business to support CASA by donating your services to events like these.

Carpentry for Displays or Events

We're looking for Activity/Games to be built and used for our booths when we are out and about in the community spreading awareness. We may also need help in other various carpentry ways and discounts always make the world of a difference! If you have a knack for building "Spin-the-Wheel" displays or other things that may help us in our outreaches, let us know and lets brainstorm!

Musicians for Events and/or Background Music

When we have events, we may like to have live music. If you're a musician with a heart for kids, or a song writer who may want to write for CASA of Tulare County, this could potentially be a great opportunity for you! Of course, limitations apply and we know there may be many individuals excited to showcase their talent, so we will work together to see who will be a great fit for our events. But, maybe you want to make some cool background music for some of our upcoming promotional videos that get shared on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Let our Marketing Coordinator what's on your heart!

Bloggers/Reporters to Write Informative Articles

If you're an avid blogger or you work for a print/online news outlet, it's always a gift when you take time to get to know CASA, what we're doing, and how we're doing it to help spread awareness for Tulare County's foster youth. As mentioned above, many haven't heard of CASA and some that have still have no clue what CASA does or stands for. You can help change that by talking about us!

Entertainment for Kids
(i.e. Movies, Theater, Amusement Parks - for CASA's kids)

Are you working in the theater? Are you the manager of a theater and are able to donate tickets? Do you act or do readings, puppet shows, etc. for kids? You can set up a time to donate your gift to some of our CASA kids by either scheduling your own event at one of our locations or by donating tickets to your events for our kids to attend. 

New Gifts, Clothing, etc. Donated for CASA Kids

During the holidays, we sometimes receive gifts for kids for Christmas, Prom, or Back-to-School. If this is something that speaks to you, even if it's the middle of July, and you desire to give gifts to kids for their birthdays and such, please let us know! Of course, it is best that the items are new and unused for many reasons, but we're open to new ideas all the time!

Do any of these ideas speak to you? Do you have a different idea you'd lie to share? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!

Spread the word! 
Using the same social media sites you already access regularly, you can spread awareness and help raise funds for CASA of Tulare County! Click on one of the Social Media Logos and follow us to keep up to date and share when you feel like spreading the word!
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Donate to CASA of Tulare County

Click the button below to donate online or write a check. You can help CASA breathe easier by making a monetary contribution. CASA of Tulare County depends on fundraising events, grants and donations to support the work of CASA volunteers. All financial contributions are tax deductible and will receive a prompt receipt.

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