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YOU can help support CASA of Tulare County by simply spreading the word and raising support!

It takes a community to raise a child, but even more so for foster children without a strong family foundation. By joining us for RAISE 4 CASA, you can change a child's story by simply talking about the need! There's much more to come regarding this event and we know you'll be thrilled to hear more. Enter your email below to be included in the launch in November! 

I'd like to participate in RAISE 4 CASA!

By Supporting CASA You

Reduce the likelihood of:



Substance Abuse

Teenage Pregnancy


High School Drop-Out

Long-Term Foster Care

Incarceration (Jail/Prison)

Prolonged Mental Disability



that come from FOSTER CARE

We're working on solidifying details for the upcoming event. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor or would like to donate a service or good to help with this event, please send an email by clicking the button below and letting our Marketing Director, Melissa Murphy know any ideas, suggestions, or donations you have in mind!

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