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Together WE Can Change a Child's Story...

YOU can help support CASA of Tulare County by simply spreading the word and raising support!

It takes a community to raise a child, but even more so for foster children without a strong family foundation. By joining us for RAISE for CASA, you can change a child's story by simply talking about the need! 

By Supporting CASA You

Reduce the likelihood of:



Substance Abuse

Teenage Pregnancy


High School Drop-Out

Long-Term Foster Care

Incarceration (Jail/Prison)

Prolonged Mental Disability



that come from FOSTER CARE

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How to participate in RAISE 2020:

The RAISE 2020 season has begun! We need your help to let our community know about what CASA does and stands for.

Are you willing to use your social media to spread the word?


  • Follow us on your social media platform of choice

    • Share our posts, stats, and CASA info however you can​

  • Subscribe to our email list and stay CASA informed

  • Talk about CASA and child abuse/neglect with your circle of influence
    (i.e. your family, friends, and colleagues)

  • Become a monthly donor, a round-up donor, year-end donor, or simply give as you can

  • Consider becoming a CASA yourself

  • Create your own fundraiser

  • Organize donations of items or resources our organization may need

Remember, we're hoping to reach ALL of Tulare County with YOUR help!

If you have questions about any of the above suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Coordinator, Melissa Murphy, by clicking the button below.


Thank you for participating in RAISE 2020! Let the excitement begin!


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