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Join us in thanking this month's Volunteer of the Month, Lori Stiefes! It was such a blessing to spend time with Lori this morning to hear her heart for what she does as a Volunteer Advocate. While with us, she expressed her love for her CASA kiddo, and shared that for the last 3 years, she's realized that being an advocate for her little one has not just impacted the child, but has changed her! 

Lori's case coordinator, Miralda Altamirano, said, "She has gone through a lot of ups and downs with her case but has remained consistent with her kiddo. Lori has been able to share new experiences with her CASA child and is now assigned to the child's little brother as well after being removed from the parents care. Lori has reached out to programs, to shelters, to the assigned social worker, and has done as much as she possibly can to be there... The kids were in the care of their parents and when they were detained, the social worker contacted Lori because the little girl was asking to see her. I believe Lori is amazing and deserves this recognition! She is a great example of what CASA is and what CASA stands for." 

Being a Court Appointed Special Advocate is not the easiest responsibility to accept, but volunteers like Lori are what make the impact on these lives. We are so grateful that Lori is not just able to, but willing without hesitation, to be the best she can be for her CASA kids. Her kiddo calls her, "My Lori," and that alone is precious!

"I was recently at her birthday party, and it was the first she ever had. It was beautiful to see all of these people coming together to love on her who'd previously not even known she'd existed. I cried the whole time. ... You think you're coming in to make a difference in the community, but being a CASA has made a difference in me!" -- Lori Stiefes

Thank you, Lori, for being you and for giving yourself to these children that truly need someone like you in their lives. 

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