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Our CASA Volunteer of the Month of August is Ruth Golombek! Ruth has been a great addition to the CASA family and for the last 3 years has advocated for 4 children and is now assisting with her 5th. She's worked primarily with the 0-5 department in ensuring our youngest, most vulnerable children have the resources and care they need to develop into the next stages of their lives. 

Her current advocate coordinator, Michele Palermo, said, "Ruth is a very proactive volunteer and is always ahead of the game. She reaches out to me before I ever have to reach out to her. She has a beautiful, bright personality and is very caring and passionate about what she does as a CASA Volunteer." 

Recently, Ruth had invited one of our newest staff members, Outreach/Training Coordinator, Jessica Robinson, and Marketing Coordinator, Melissa Murphy, to present at her Rotary Club here in Visalia. She is a pleasure to talk with and get to know and we at CASA are blessed to have yet another awesome volunteer on the team! 

CASA of Tulare County thanks you, Ruth, for your continued love and support for our children, and hope that you feel the blessings right back!

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