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We recently filled two positions for our Outreach/Training Department. Jessica Robinson, previously a Volunteer Advocate, was hired to manage the department in our Visalia office. Araceli Espinoza, previously Family Connections Case Coordinator, is now managing the other half of the department in our Porterville office.




My name is Jessica Robinson, I’m the new Outreach/Training Coordinator for CASA of Tulare County--more specifically the Northern region. I am very excited to be a part of this organization and look forward to be in front of our community to explain and create awareness of CASA and what role we play for the kids who are less fortunate. I’ve come from my own background of domestic abuse as a child, and now as a mother of 3, it’s incredibly important to me to be a part of what CASA stands for. I personally understand what it is like to experience such traumatic events during childhood and see value behind having individuals who can and will be present in a child’s life to give them a voice in their situation. It is my honor to serve CASA and I hope to promote who we are from the core of what we do, to help ensure the entire Tulare County community understands the impact opportunity we have on our foster children, right here, as advocates who speak up for their needs and well-being.


My name is Araceli. I am the new Outreach Coordinator for CASA of Tulare County with a focus on South county. Although this is a new position for me, I have been with CASA for almost two years; formally part of the Family Connections program. I am also an advocate volunteer which is what prompted me to make the lateral move as an Outreach team member. Having my own volunteer case allows me to see the importance one person can make in the life of a child in care. Before I learned about CASA I was unaware of the high needs in the Foster Care community. I was unaware of the amount of abuse and neglect happening in the community I grew up in. Becoming a CASA volunteer opened a whole new world for me, a new passion. It is my mission to spread the word not only of child abuse but of how individuals like myself can step in and be a voice for a child in care. I want to be able to share my experience as a CASA advocate in hopes that our community will recognize the necessity and become inspired to join our CASA family. As an Outreach Coordinator my vision is to network with large and small businesses, to connect with individuals, to promote CASA and become an organization that people know and are familiar with. The ultimate goal, for me, is to give a voice to every CASA appointed child.

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