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CASA of Tulare County is a non-profit organization that fights for abused and neglected children to have a voice in their circumstances. The only reason we’re functioning and able to do what we do is because of people like you. 

There is an overwhelming amount of people who do not fully grasp what CASA is and stands for, and we hope to change that. Children’s welfare issues are far too common and not talked about enough. While this is an issue that seems to be world wide, we can make a difference right here--in our backyards.

As an organization, we are made up of individuals who look like anyone else. We come in all shapes and sizes and various walks of life. The only true common denominator is that we believe children should have a vote in their circumstances, a voice. 

Some of us have had the blessing of healthy childhoods, some of us experienced high amounts of trauma, but at the end of the day... as adults in this community, we desire to see every child have the opportunity to see hope at the end of trauma, peace at the end of justice, and love that exemplifies they are valuable beyond their circumstances. 

Joining hands with us doesn’t mean the only option is volunteering yourself. Maybe your life does not have the time and resources available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the CASA Family. We need you, as a member of our community, to spread the word, share our efforts, and support us simply by believing in us. Those small bits of support are bigger than you think.

Be a CASA, find someone to be a CASA, or just love CASA... whatever you do, together, we can ensure that less children will have to suffer long-term in the foster system, less children will have to move from home-to-home, and they will be heard, cared for, appreciated, and set up for success. 

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